The Weekend I Smelled like a Man

I apologize in advance for the semi-coherent nature of this particular post. You see, I didn't think I could be any more exhausted then I was on Friday but ohhh it's possible.

Since LT. and I are completely brilliant individuals, we waited until the last minute to pack everything. We thought to ourselves, "oh we don't have that much stuff." 

But you see, we do have that much stuff. So much random crap. And we spent most of the weekend going back and forth hauling said-crap from apartment to house in the 102 Texas heat. Thank God for good friends who came to our rescue. 

The worst part is I have no idea where among all the crap the stuff I actually need is. So all of a sudden it's Monday and trying to get ready for work this morning was a complete fiasco. I couldn't find anything. That's pretty much how it was the whole weekend. I couldn't find my shampoo/conditioner so ended up using LT.'s. I smelled like a man all weekend. Thank God I found my Dove this morning, even though I couldn't find my shoes. 

Anywho, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't feeling totally overwhelmed. The house is a disaster. Winnie keeps peeing everywhere because she doesn't grasp the concept that she has a whole damn yard to go in now. We still have a few more things to get out of the apartment before we have to turn in the keys today.

I also have to say that LT. Hubs is the best husband in the world. He's been doing all the heavy lifting during the move. Also he found my box of shoes this morning, preventing an epic hissy. Thousands of lives were spared.

I really just can't wait to be settled and back on a semi-normal routine, but I know it's going to take a while. Everyone keeps telling me to take it one thing at a time, but I honestly don't even know where to start. 

Advice, anyone?

Much love to ya,


  1. oh man, i don't envy you. at least you smell girly again?

  2. Ah, moving. So fun! Not. I'm someone who needed to just take a whole day and unpack everything. At first I was like wellll I don't know where I want this to really go. But then I realized that I could obviously move it later. It's just so much easier to have everything out and generally in places you'll have it. You can adjust stuff later!

  3. aw haha i'm dreading another move. i always throw hundreds at movers just because i hate moving that much

  4. haha! I had a weekend much like yours!! I keep telling myself to let it be. I'll figure it out after I've lived in my new space awhile. Best of luck to ya!!

  5. Just try to hang in there as best you can, it will eventually get done, try not to stress too much over it!


  6. having moved THREE TIMES (ugh), we always made it a rule to book off two full weeks from work and sort all that shit out pronto. i mean, NO BOXES are left unpacked otherwise it'll be banished to the (storage) room where packed boxes are neglected and left to die.

    just make it a point to dedicate at least 2hrs per day to unpack and organize everything in one shot ie. unpack and place in the area the stuff is supposed to be; then you can forget about it and move onto the next box.

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