Miley, What the hell?

Ok, to be straight up, I didn't actually get to watch the VMAS last night because our stupid new cable package doesn't include that channel. Plus I was just so wiped I don't think I could have stayed up for it anyway.

But I wake up this morning and the Kidd Kraddick show was doing a recap. They were going on and on about how "shocking" and "obscene" Miley Cyrus's performance was and of course I was intrigued but not really surprised.

I haven't even seen her little number yet (I'm almost scared to) but I know it involves much twerking and giant teddy bears. To which I ask you, what the hell?

But nothing prepared me for the glee I would experience when I saw this glorious picture:

Y'all. I'm dying. It literally looks like they just witnessed an actual train wreck. The shock. The confusion. The whore HORROR. The one dude on the far right can't even bare to watch. I don't even think I need to see the actual performance. The looks on their faces say it all to me.

Also, Willow pretty much looks exactly like Will circa Fresh Prince in that shot.

Amma' right?

Anyways let's forget about dancing with Molly Miley and move on to the fact that THIS HAPPENED:

I was more of a BSB girl myself but even I admit this was pretty damn cool. So the rumors were true. Those sneaky bastards.

I'm already daydreaming about the 3-day weekend coming up. Anyone else?

Much love to ya,


  1. Miley was gross but what did they expect???? I mean she's a no talent ass-clown who has gotten famous via a mullet....I kinda wished N'SYNC went flashier.....I'm just unable to please hahaha!

  2. My jaw was on the floor for her entire performance. I get that she wants to show the world that she's grown, but that's definitely not the way to do it. My other theory is that this is a way of distancing herself from being the daughter of Billy Ray. I'm not sure how twerking proved that, but meh.

    Let's also take a moment to realize that she was grinding on the son of the dad on Growing Pains.

    What has the world come to?

  3. I didn't watch it live last night either but I did youtube that ish this morning. I'm pretty sure I made all of the faces the smiths were making in that photo before I even saw their reaction.

  4. will you just watch a little bit of it so you can feel the uncomfortable pain i had to go through when i watched a clip this morning?! kthanks.

  5. It also involved a large foam finger. A FOAM FINGER. It was too much! NSync saved the night for sure! :)

  6. yuck, miley is gross. i'm sure she's doing all that for shock value but honey, that's so 1990s when britney was trying to do the same.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Ha I love LOVE the Smith's faces (even though I heard it wasn't a reaction to Miley, it totally should have been!). And what is up with Miley's whole tongue thing--its so long, it looks super weird.

    Having a great time checking out your blog! :)

  8. Robin's mom, Gloria Loring, said "I can't un-see it!" Ha! Ha!

  9. STILL can't believe that the dancing number was real.
    Just watching it made me feel dirty.