"A Couple" means TWO!!!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone refers to more than 2 things as "a couple." C'mon people, isn't this common knowledge? Let's have a quick lesson:

Here are a couple of beers.

Anything more than two would be considered at the least, a few.

A few beers.

Or even several.

Several beers.

But problems arise when you start throwing around "a couple" all willy-nilly. LT. is guilty of this offense pretty frequently. 

Take our discussion about how long he was going to be gone with his unit. He told me "a couple of weeks." Imagine my dismay when I looked at my calendar this morning and realized the dates aren't adding up. Even though he's been gone almost week, it will still be A COUPLE OF WEEKS before he's back. Well, minus one day. So I'm rounding up, big deal. The principle is totally the same.

My point being that the use of "a couple" in this instance set me up for a humongo let down. Here I was thinking we were half-way through. I've been feeling under the weather and overwhelmed but it's ok, he'll be home in a week! Except, not. 

I'm sorry.

There's just been a lot going on in life and I feel pretty overwhelmed with it all. It's amazing how much you take people for granted until they aren't around, even if it's just for a short time. Despite my "independent woman" act I put on, I really need him.

Thank God for my sweet Mom who has popped in and out this week to check on Winnie in the afternoons. I even came home to a clean kitchen a couple of days ago. I seriously don't know what I'd do without her. I love you, Mom.

And I love you too, LT. I know you didn't mean to mislead me even though you KNOW how seriously I take "a couple". And I know I just need to shut my pie hole and be thankful that you put up with a woman as anal as myself. I just really miss ya is all...

Well, I'm exhausted from this rant. I think I'll go take a nap in my car now!

Much love to ya,


  1. Hang in there lady!! And let me know if you want to go out for "a couple" glasses of wine! :)


  2. oooh that would get to me too! What a let down :( at least now it really is a couple? eh..that wasn't probably very helpful

  3. I'm picky about stuff like that too, if it doesn't make sense then just don't say it. :)

  4. too cute! but no really, a couple is two just like two people make a couple in a relationship. LE DUH

  5. This is amazing. I think it's just a man thing to down play numbers. I do have a problem with the "couple beers" thing though. When I say I'm just gonna have a couple I have the whole bar