Outting Myself

LT: I'm worried you're giving up on your dream. dream?

LT: Of being a blogger.

Me:'s not exactly my dream. I just haven't had anything to write about.

LT: You have a ton to blog about. You just don't want to out yourself.

It's true. I've been holding out on y'all.

Ya see...

Am I totally stoked? Yes.

Am I terrified? Also yes.

In some ways I feel like such a huge kid myself. LT and I act like colossal ass-hats most of the time. 

Anyway, Google "first trimester symptoms" and I've basically had them all. You remember posts mentioning me feeling hungover even though I hadn't been drinking? The lunchtime car naps (which still happen)? The crazy shedding? Yep, all first tri stuff. It was pretty miserable. And for all you lucky B's who are all "I never had morning sickness, teehee!" Shut up. I hate you.

Just kidding. 

Thank God it gets better in the second trimester, which I just started (15 weeks along). I was waiting until I felt better to "out myself." I wasn't really up to posting for a while (hence, the complete and total abandonment of the blog for weeks). But truthfully, it's really hard to sound excited about pregnancy when you feel like this:

Maybe some of you are going, "Dammit, another baby blog. Un-following now..." And hey, that's totally you're prerogative. I can't really make any promises about the direction my writing is going to take, or the frequency of posts.

I'm not going to let being pregnant, and one day being a mom, completely define who I am. I mean really the only thing that's changing is I have to stay sober for forever a few months. 

Well that's a lie. I'll probably get super fat, too.

I miss beer.

Much love to ya,