Tall Tails: Winnie's Posh Life

Well, hey there, strangers.

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. It was my least fave time of the month, the due date for all the VP's AMEX reports, which I do for them. Of course, I can't actually do anything until I have all the receipts. And, of course, they waited to give them to me until 2 days before the reports are due. 

Let me just take this moment to say, if you're a VP or an exec of some sort, please take hot second to think of the little people. We know you're more important than us, and we're happy to help you. I mean, that's our job after all. But sometimes you make it hard. Very. Hard.

But I digress. On to Tall Tails with Adriana and Katie! I present to you: 

3 Ways my Dog is probably more spoiled than your dog:

1) When we first brought her home, I purchased a Bun Bed, which is a dog bed specifically designed for dachshunds.

2) I just bought Doggy Steps for her to jump on our bed whenever she pleases.
They should be here any day now.

3) Toys. So many toys.
She literally has her own toy box.

And those are only 3 of the ways. How do you spoil your furbaby?


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  1. I loveee that first picture! Literally a hot dog!

  2. omg that bun bed!! That is so cute!!

  3. so one of my best friends has a dachshunds and we sing a song to it that goes something like 'schweeeet, schweeeeet baby schweeeener' in the tune of the graduation song.

  4. A lot of people won't let their dogs on or in certain areas of the house, nope not my house, my little dog is allowed everywhere! Who am I to set limits:)

  5. Winnie is a great name... but I might be biased ;) And love the bun bed... too cute!!