My New Favorite Thing

So lately I've been pretty tired, especially in the afternoons when I've been up since 6am. Over the last couple of weeks I've come to discover something about myself.

Apparently I value sleep over food. Well, not really. 

But I've discovered an equally valuable use of my lunch break:

Car-naps. They are seriously the best thing ever and I don't know why I never did it before! 

Around 11am I head out to Lola and drive across the parking lot to park under the furthest tree with shade. Then I recline my seat all the way back, kick off my shoes, and drift off into deep REM (like the sleep cycle, not the band) for a solid 50 minutes. But not before setting my "Lunchtime nap" alarm on my phone for 11:55am.  

It. Is. Glorious. I wake up from my car-nap feeling refreshed and ready to take on the second half of my day. I'm considering keeping a pillow and blanket in the back seat to make my car-nap experience even more enjoyable.

If you've never tried this I highly encourage you to take up the practice. Just remember, distance is key. Nothing would ruin your refreshing car-nap better than waking up to one of your concerned co-workers peering through your driver-side window, trying to decide if you're dead or not. 

Not that that happened or anything.

So anyways, you should like, totally go take a car-nap.

Much love to ya,


  1. This sounds like a fantastic idea. Too bad I only have 30 mins for lunch and I have to park a good 5 minute walk away. Boooo.

  2. this is the greatest idea ever! way better than my lunch time walk i just did.

  3. I wish I could take naps but they make me even more tired then before. I have no grey area. Either stay awake or go into a mini coma.

  4. Haha, love it
    I car-nap every time i get in the car
    especially on the way to university xx

  5. Picturing a coworker creepin' through my car window is many of my annoying male coworkers would do that to me!