Tall Tails: Tough Love for Winnie

First off I just want to apologize for not staying on top of this little bloggy space of mine. The truth is y'all, I've felt like crap the last few days. The best way I can describe it is a hangover 24/7--only I haven't been drinking! What a rip-off.

I even took a nap in my car during my lunch break yesterday.

Needless to say my free time has been spent on the couch either sleeping or watching TV. Also LT. Hubs is gone for the next two weeks with his unit. He's only been gone a couple of days but it feels like a lot longer and the worst is being sick when you're all by yourself. I miss having someone to whine at and give me hugs even though I'm being overly dramatic. Cause that's what husbands are for right? We'll go with that.

Anyways on to Tall Tails with Adriana and Katie!

As you know we moved into our new house a few weeks ago, and it's been a huge adjustment, especially for Winnie. I naively assumed that once we had a yard she would be automatically inclined to do her biz in it. I mean she's out there most of the time anyway. Uhmmm, not suh much.

As it turns out she'd rather go ALL OVER THE DAMN HOUSE. My once mostly potty-trained pup suddenly has no bladder control whatsoever. Not only that, but we have powder blue carpet from 1984 so wherever she goes leaves ugly green splotches, no matter how hard I scrub. And the splotches are EVERYWHERE. 

So we've basically decided that we're going to have to start from square one and re-potty train which is beyond frustrating. Here's the problem: I suck at disciplining her. I mean, look at her.

I know you love me even if I'm a huge pain in the ass, Mommy.

We've let her have the run of the house up until this point, which obviously was the worst idea ever. It basically became a pee-for-all. But at the apartment she knew to go to her potty pad at the back door if we weren't home to take her out. We thought she'd put two and two together eventually. Clearly she hasn't made that connection yet.

So I've gone back to gating her in the kitchen during the day, like when we first got her. I really hate leaving her all penned up like that for hours and hours by herself. We don't have the doggy door yet so she can't even go outside to chase squirrels. She has her bed and her toys, but it just seems so lonely and makes me feel like a bad mom.

I even leave the radio on for her so it's not like total solitary confinement.

Am I being over dramatic? How do you feel about leaving your furbaby home alone all day?

Much love to ya,

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  1. I HATE leaving Joe by herself. If we're in a five mile radius of our house, I usually pop home every hour or two to check on her and eventually give up and just bring her to the bar/friend's house where we're hanging out. Makes the boyfriend crazy! And if I absolutely have to be gone all day I stress out the whole time and can't even enjoy or focusing on what I'm doing.

    1. Yep, that's me to a T. I wish I could get home during the day to check on her :(

  2. the schnweener needs to figure it out! haha ps. love the fact that you leave the radio on for your dog.

  3. I hate leaving Bailey alone... We crate him which he hates and got us in trouble with our last apartment. I always put classical music on for him though. Typically he isn't left along more than 5 hours and that's a stretch.

    As far as potty training. Doxies are said to need to be retrained to a new place however we were lucky and now that we are on the ground floor Bailey runs over to the sliding door and sits and stares at us. I he is more potty trained at our new place then the old 3rd floor apartment haha.


    1. We completely failed at crate training. But I'm told it makes potty training a lot easier since they won't go in their space. I used to be able to go home during lunch but since we moved to the house we are further away and it's not reasonable anymore. Hopefully she gets the idea soon...

    2. He still doesn't go in his crate much because someone is always home but on the occasion we do leave we put a little lavender oil on his neck which helps keep him relaxed. A little puppy aromatherapy so to speak lol.

      We can officially say he is 100% potty trained but we can't leave him out alone he gets into too much trouble lol. He is too sweet to get mad at though.

  4. i leave scoobs all day mostly, sometimes i stop in for lunch sometimes he does daycare. but ill confess this. i downloaded a white noise app that is supposed to calm him and play it for him all day.


  5. I leave Boomer at home all day too. At first I felt really guilty but then I set up skype on my laptop at home so that I could check in on him from my phone and found out that he sleeps all day long. I had him in an exercise pen and was planning on leaving in that forever (I guess) but he had other plans...I actually just posted about it today!

    1. Skype?! That's awesome!! I may have to try that....awesome idea!!

    2. Oh my God! Skype! I never thought about that! You've just created a monster.

  6. I do hate leaving Lil home all day. She has to be in her crate cuz she has too much anxiety. she's destoryed the house too often!

  7. awwww! It's hard leaving them home alone all day but for the most part they just sleep! Don't feel too bad about it. Love up on her when your home and keep using the pad, eventually she'll figure it out. Good luck with the carpet issue, we used to use a spray from the pet store that deterred our dog from peeing in the house. We'd spray it wherever she had an accident, worked like a charm!