Tall Tails: All of our Neighbors Probably Hate Us

I feel like we have taken about 10 steps backwards in Winnie's training since moving into the house only TWO days ago. I'm trying to be understanding about the fact that she's adjusting, just like us. But seriously--she is being a colossal ass-hat.

First, she seems to have completely forgotten the point of her pee pad. Every morning I walk out to at least 2 puddles right outside our bedroom door. Really?! This is why we bought a house with a yard.

Ah, yes, the big glorious yard, which she is enjoying immensely by the way. It's so cute to watch her romp around. It makes my heart smile when she chases after a bird or a squirrel, something she never got to do at the apartment. You can tell she is just so happy, which is what every mother wants for their furchild, right? 
So this morning I wake up, let Winnie out to pee, but then she wouldn't come back inside. Instead she starts running around the yard and howling at the top of her tiny lunges like the survival of all humanity depended on it. 

At this point it's still kind of dark, and I don't have my contacts in, so all I can see is a little black blur zooming back and forth. I can't tell what she's barking about but I'm pretty sure it's nothing. 

After several minutes of this I start to become very concerned about our neighborly good standing. So I start to chase Winnie around the yard in my pajamas, trying to wrangle her. Also, I'm basically blind. This only seems to encourage the madness because,DUH, chase is her favorite game ever. But this was pre-coffee so I wasn't thinking clearly, obviously.

I manage to get her within a few feet of the door only to have her burst into a fresh round of Roooooos and take off again. I needed to leave for work in less than an hour. 

By this time I'm basically in the worst mood ever, so I went back inside to make my coffee, which usually makes everything better. The Roos continued and the caffeine just made me hyper-aware of how annoyed I was.

I take a shower.


I blow-dry my hair.


I put on my makeup.


Eventually she must have decided everyone in the neighborhood was sufficiently pissed awake and came trotting happily into the kitchen. I was so mad at her I just slammed the door after her and stomped upstairs to finish getting ready.

Oh, she knew she was in trouble. She followed me shamefully upstairs and hopped into the bed. She burrowed under the covers and didn't come out until I was about to leave.

Y'all, usually I can't stay mad at her long. I mean, look at this face:
But this morning I couldn't help it. I even begrudged her her goodbye kisses when I left for work. What kind of mother am I?

Fed up is what I am. 

I don't want to be that "rude couple up the street" with the yappy dog, the ones the neighbors all complain about. I'm a considerate person, damnit! But I'm really at a loss for what to do. 

It's one thing if it was something that only effected us, but if she keeps at this every morning our new neighbors will definitely hate us, if they don't already. Plus I'm not a morning person as it is and dealing with this sort of nonsense on a daily basis will not be good for my sanity.

What's a puppy Mamma to do???

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  1. gawd, i wish i would have been able to watch the chase! it could be a televised event with a name like that.

  2. i laughed when you said that you were blind and could only see a small black blur whizzing by you. that said, neighbours are pretty forgiving if it's a one-off thing.

  3. Oh Winnie:) My dog barks if the the wind gently blows a blade of grass and I live in a condo. I feel your pain.

  4. I'm so glad I found this link-up, because it led me to your extra adorable blog.

    Also, it made me realize that I should never ever move. Good luck getting your pup adjusted, though.

  5. All pre-coffee, God bless your soul. I don't do morning and I especially don't do mornings without coffee. My dog is so old that he randomly barks at night (but not a simple bark, one that will make you jump out of your skin)... not my idea of a fun time.
    Anyway, I'm sure your neighbors will be fine and your puppy will settle down. I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!

  6. Winnie even liked to bark at my shirt on the clothesline. Yes, we have a clothesline but only because our dryer is momentarilly out of commission from the move.

  7. Tank always barks but its because our neighbors dogs start barking. I politely remind Tank that we are not rude people and we do not make those noises. I don't think he speaks English though.

  8. gahhh. we're moving to a new apartment in Decemeber and I'm not thrilled about the whole Lil adjustment thing. When we move to a house it will be even worse!! The one good thing is that she wants to be around us too much to stay outside when I call her in.