What do Mother Teresa, Nicole Kidman and I have in common?


We have the same personality, duh.
No seriously, look:

Oh yeah and don’t forget Nelson Mandela and John Calvin. I don’t know who the hell John Bradshaw is, but he’s part of our motley crew as well. I could have come up with amazing imagery for this if only I had Photoshop…

After yesterday’s post I kept thinking about how I can't really expect anything to change if I don't make a change. Picking up writing again is a good start, but it's not a job. It doesn't pay the bills.
I remembered a few years ago Major Dad had sent me a “personality test.” Based on the results it gives you the most popular careers for your personality type. And these days I’m kind of curious. So I asked him to resend it to me and I took it again. My results were…surprising.

Social Work- I hear the stories Bestie comes home with …No.

Librarian- Although I do love books, I hate extended periods of silence...and alphabatizing things. No.
Law- As much as I'd love a reason to yell “I OBJECT” in a public place, I know enough about myself to admit that I don’t do well under pressure. No.

Early Childhood Education- I love little kids but only one or two at a time and in small doses. No.

Pyschology- Hey, I was a psych major once! I got through one semester and--No.
Phsychotherapy- Nice try but I’ve seen What About Bob. No.

-- So at this point I’m wondering do I even know myself at all? None of these things remotely interest me. And I'm pretty sure I would suck at all of them.

Then, just when I’m wondering if maybe I need to look into seeing a physchotherapist-

Education- This is the only one that sort of made sense. Teaching has always been a consideration. I think it caters to my type-A personality and my tendency to be a tad bossy and a bit too honest.

Also who could say no to having summers off? I know I'm probably watering it down quite a bit but that's a pretty good perk right there.

My mom keeps telling me that she could see me teaching at a college level, but that would require going to grad school. No.

I do think I could see myself teaching high school. My favorite teachers were the ones with exceptional snark--who could be a smart-ass without making you feel like a dumbass. The ones who could dish it AND take it.

I'm not really sure what's kept me from looking into teaching a little more. Maybe it's just laziness, or complacency. All I know is I'm ready for a change, I want to do something that actually makes a difference to people.

I'm gunna wrap up by leaving you with some wise words from my personality doppelgangers:

Much love to ya,



  1. Personality tests have always told me I need to make my way into the political arena....right. I started out as a secondary education major in college but got burnt out with one education class so I switched to Communication. The most broad thing I could find on the list. There is a part of me that would still love to be a teacher. I think you would be great at it!

  2. My personality tests would always have the same answer , you're BAAAAD at maths while my future career is accounting ! There's nothing worse than teaching little kids everything on national geographic shows , so I'm never gonna be a teacher!
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. but no really, i took a psych class ones thinking i wanted to do something with that major, changed that real quick, it was hard!

  4. i was emailing another blogger about this and how she can transfer her skills laterally to another role in her current industry or another industry.

    just because you studied in a certain field, doesn't mean you're chained to it. for example, my sister studied arts and graduated with a language degree of some sort. because she's bilingual and is very good at networking, she's became a pharmaceutical rep for a large company.

    if you're good with budgets, well-organized, know how to talk to people and understand what it means to work with strict deadlines, you might want to look into project management.

    enjoy writing? coming up with creative content? check out copy-writing for ad or marketing agencies.

    there are plenty of ways in various industries to transfer your skills. my cousin who is an architect is applying to be a justice of the peace. that's the only government role of this sort that doesn't require a law degree but must have the skills for dispute resolution, negotiations etc...all things he did (but with large scale companies instead of individuals) when he was an architect.

    good luck!

  5. Personality tests told me to go towards medical while I'm pro in computer science. I guess you choose what you want to be. Being a high school teacher can be two things , awesome or worse. Young kiddos are really annoying sometimes!

  6. I started off doing early childhood education in College but when it was time to go to the schools to do my internship I couldn't do it. I applaud all teachers, I just can't be one. Good luck with whatever you choose. :)