I'ma try this out- 5 on Friday

This morning I discovered Darci at The Good Life and really it was perfect timing because she has an awesome link up called 5 on Friday. It is the perfect solution to my scatter-brain.

1) I'm so...tired... I had to wake up at 5am to have LT. at the airport by 6:30am. Since there was no point in going back home for 30 minutes I have been at work since 7am. And I know some of y'all are probably like "Wah, wah, wah, I do that every day." Well good for you but I don't and I'm about to faceplant into my keyboard.

2) Last night I had my first anxiety attack over moving a week from today and how we have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished yet. Thank God it was half-price wine night at Macaroni Grill. Silly Macaroni Grill with your crayons and your house wine "honor system..." 

3) We came home from the Mac and found six piles of pooh all over the apartment. SIX. This is not normal. After further investigation (and lots of gagging) I came to discover a freakin earbud in one of the poo nuggets. She had EATEN it off LT.'s headphones. 

4) Later that night I couldn't find my phone but was too tired to care. This morning we found it under the bed--sans Otter Box. Winnie had struck again. Mercifully my phone was mostly ok, but I'm starting to sense a pattern. Is my miniature dachshund trying to tell us that we're too "connected" and need to be spending more "family time?" Just thinking out loud here.

5. Five..five...what should be five? I realized after I took my last dose of Z this morning that I hadn't heard from CVS about my prescription being refilled, which is odd. I looked at the bottle and realized in horror that there is NO AUTOMATIC REFILL. This is probably the worst time to run out anti-anxiety meds, y'all. Hoping I can put a rush-order in on that today. In the

I'm realizing my 5 are kind of bitchy. Sorry, it's just been one of those mornings. Hopefully yours is better. But at least it's Friday!


Much love to ya,


  1. Winnie and my little monster dog would be great pals:) Moving is probably my least favorite thing ever like I would rather go to the dentist and the gyno at the same time then move.

  2. oh my god so much poo on all the blog posts. haha

  3. haha i work at 7 am every day and it doesn't ever get easier. so i still feel bad for you!

  4. Dogs are DA DOGS , that's all .
    Got you from Areeba's reads . I am happy to read along ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  5. You're not the morning person! *High Five* Me too.
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella