I'm back from my Disney-Zombie-Baby Fest!!

Wait what? HA! For all three of y’all who are following, I’m sorry it’s been a while.  Last week we were out of town (more on that in a sec) and the week before that, well, I was suffering from blogger-block and really having a hard time coming up with stuff to write,and feeling kind of discouraged, mostly because things really weren’t so exciting, but then they were. Oh yes, they were.
So last week LT. Hubs and I had our 1-year anniversary on the 7th and celebrated it fancy-restaurant style. We went to Truluck’s and it was fabulous. We even got a free dessert. NOM NOM!!

The VERY next evening we flew out to Orlando to meet my family and we spent the next two days at Disney World celebrating Major Dad’s return from his deployment. Why Disney World, exactly? Well I’ll tell you.
The last time Major Dad deployed was during the Gulf War back in the 90s. My brother and I were bitty at the time—like 2 and 4 years old. When Major Dad came home, we went to Disney World. Actually we celebrated my 5th birthday there. Minnie Mouse personally gave me my Bath Time Fun Barbie:

And also my Go Go Walking Pup which I proudly paraded around the resort in all of her slow-going animatronic glory:

That’s right, be jealous. Anyway, since then our brood multiplied and I have two younger sisters who are now 17 and 21. And they had never been to Disney World. So my parents promised when Major Dad got back from this deployment, we would all go again as a family. So we did, and it was magical.

LT. Hubs, Moi, Lil' Bro, Bit, Bear

Unfotunately most of the Disney pics were captured on the Rents' camera, and I have not yet gained possession, so you will just have to trust that we actually did make it inside the Magic Kingdom, and it was a blasty.

After two straight days of dawn to dusk Disney, we flew to Austin because LT. Hubs was in a wedding. At that point I was like something out of The Walking Dead but after a good nap I was ready for all the craziness wedding stuff entails. All I can say is thank God I wasn't IN the wedding cause I would have been the worst bridesmaid ever.

Since I suck at selfies (as in, forget to take them, which is apparently a big deal in blogland so I need to work on it I KNOW) the only record of our attendance at this joyful occassion lies with the protographer that was there. My husband was so clearly the best looking groomsman and since he was otherwise occupied I yucked it up with a bunch of his frat brothers and their dates. A friendly bunch.

Saturday afternoon we flew home and I was SO excited to see Winnie because I missed her SO much...and we did nothing but sit on our butts and watch TV the rest of the day.

Sunday I went to the baby shower of one of my very best BFFs, hosted by one of my other very bestest BFFs. I'm still coming up with good nick names for all of my besties, so I'll just use the ones they gave eachother: Tit 1 and Tit 2. Yes, there is a backstory but I don't feel like explaining it--sorry bout ya. Anyway, here they are. Aren't they pretty?

Moi, Tit 1 (Preggers), Tit 2

So as you can see, things really have been cray, and are about to get nuttier because we are about to close on our first HOUSE on Monday! Eeee!! It has been a LONG process but we've been blessed that it's gone relatively smoothly. Suffice it to say the majority of my weekend will be spent packing--No, we haven't started packing, but it's totaly fine, because our lease doesn't end until August 5th so calm down.

It's also possible one or two melt-downs might occur. We shall see...we shall see...

Also...a few more 90s toy commericals. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm a Disney freak! So jealous you just went to the dream land! Happy belated anniversary, I just stopped by today. So hello? ;D
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

    1. Hellloo!! Thank you! Oh my gosh I only wish we had more time there. There is SO much and it's kind of overwhelming. Next time we have to make a week of it :)

      Thanks for commenting!! :)

  2. Puppy Surprise?! I never had one but a friend did, what a weird/awesome toy haha. I need to revisit Disney, I haven't been in like 15 years and the last time was only to Epcot because my mom just loves gettin cultured!