Tall Tails: Winnie and the Sweater of Shame

I recently learned that Dachshunds are the #1 Naughtiest Dog and I was not surprised in the least. If you've ever had a Doxie, you can attest to the fact that while adorable, they are also little punks who spend 90% of their time looking for some way to piss you off (or at least that's how it feels). I will demonstrate in a series of pictures.

Baby Winnie- 6 weeks old. So innocent, so sweet...
Oh how naive we were.
It started harmlessly enough.

But it got worse.
Her Toys

My Goggles
Her recently acquired taste for LT.'s gaming controllers, laptop adapters, or anything else with rubbery goodness.

Also, she has a drinking problem.
But the worst is the barking. Oh dear God, the barking. And it's not because she's hungry (her food and water bowls are full)or because she needs to pee (the back door is wide open). It's just for the hell of it. Because obviously we can't pay attention to anything else but her. She barks until we play, or until our ears bleed. It ruins otherwise pleasant conversation and movie-watching experiences.

Well, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures, and our measure is the Sweater.

We knew Winnie didn't like her sweater, but had no idea of it's magical powers until one fateful day, while LT. was home for leave during the holidays. At the time LT. was unaccustomed to the barking sprees, and in an act of desperation, he shoved her into the sweater. Suddenly--silence. She froze in place and stared up at him in shocked bewilderment. What is this forcefield? This woolen prison?

We don't know the source of it's power, and we don't care. All we know is it's been a life saver. It's like a pink straight-jacket, and it's almost become a party trick of sorts. She's a completely different dog when we put it on her, docile, sweet...but as soon as it comes off, watch yo-self.


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  1. hahaha no way! That's amazing! It must be nice to have someee power!

  2. haha what a little destructive puppy! so cute though!