Rebuilding My Temple #8- I fell off the Hot Tamale Train

Well, it happened. After a month of healthy eating and getting my butt to the gym at least 3 times a week, life got crazy and then...

It's easy to get excited and into a new healthy routine once I get going, but it's just as easy for me to lose my mojo. I started making excuses and then suddenly a week went by and I'd only been to the gym once. I looked at our bank statement and we'd been out to eat most days of the week...yikes. 

Not only is it money we shouldn't be spending (we need to recoup and save for house expenses) but it probably undid a lot of the progress I'd made over the last several weeks. Since I'm not looking at scales all I can do is go by how my body looks and feels:bloated and gross. I've also had pretty consistent stomach cramps.

In my defense, I haven't been totally unproductive. Making time for friends, especially ones I haven't seen in a while, is super important to me. Sometimes our adult lives are so full with babies and jobs and whatever else that the only time we have is a Wednesday at 7:30 pm, which conflicts with yoga. Then 3 hours and a heavy meal later, I'm not really in the mood to hit the gym. It's a slippery slope. 

At least I can say I spent the entire weekend packing and starting to move (with the help of some amazing family and friends, of course.) That's sort of a workout, right? And with a ton more to pack before the official move this Friday, it's going to be really hard to find the time to get to the gym, or grocery shop, or cook.

My problem in the past was that I'd fall off the wagon, feel like there weren't enough hours in the day, or wouldn't see results fast enough. I'd get discouraged and quit. But I'm determined not to let that happen this time. I was starting to feel better about myself, and I don't want to lose that. One way or another, I'll get back on that hot tamale train. Whoooo Whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love to ya,



  1. oh you'll totally get back on that hot tamale train, i have faith :)

  2. I'm right there with ya as I eat my Lean filling said no one ever.

  3. don't beat yourself up; we all fall off the wagon at one point or another but the important part is that you get right back up and keep going!