Hi Friends! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. You see, we were kind of busy--CLOSING ON OUR HOUSE!! WHAT WHAT?! Wait--did we just become adults?

Also, my stomach had me squirming in pain all Monday. I'm think it was from all the crap I ate over the weekend. Will I ever learn??

My weekend recap:

Friday evening we found ourselves back in our old stomping grounds and LT. Hubs surprised me with a sno-cone date at the ol' Bedford Snoball stand. It was my first official sno-cone of the summer...clearly we're behind on the times. And it was delectable. I went with the "gourmet" wedding cake flavor. LT. Hubs went with pina colada with gummy worms...yum?

Saturday I packed stuff up and y'all--we have so much crap. That's all I'll say about that. I hate packing.

Sunday was Family Day at LT.'s unit. I was hestitant to take pictures because I'm not sure what the rules are when it comes to publishing military stuff on the inter-web. Of course Winnie is part of our family so I brought her along and she made a friend with Choco the 7-month-old sheep dog.

It was a fun day but the Texas sun really takes it out of you.

Sunday after church LT. Hubs and I suddenly had a raging craving for Red Lobster cheesy biscuits. It was fulfilled.

Also the baby birds (Did I mention we have a nest of baby birds above our stoop?) are getting bigger. I really hate birds and am only tolerating them because they are so tiny and defenseless. They stretch up their muppet-like bobble heads and open their mouths as wide as they can when they hear us coming. They have that ugly-cute thing going on. But their parents are terrifying.

It was a pretty good weekend but not much relaxing going on, and I don't see any in the foreseeable future because once I get the keys to the house, I'ma tear that place up. And by tearing it up I mean the God-awful powder blue carpet from 1984. I don't know if we'll be able to afford to replace it but I would rather live on bare concrete then see that every day.

Is this about to turn into a DIY blog? I have no idea but if it is please don't set your expectations too high.

Also since I didn't post yesterday I'm going to hit a double and link up with Adriana and Katie for a Tall Tails post. Stay tuuuuned!

Much love to ya,

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  1. Your dog is so cute! One of mine and my boyfriend's first date's was to a sno cone stand! Gotta love it:)